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  • VB for move points to vector points

    Good morning.

    I have a program with approximately 6,000 move points in. I was wondering if someone VB GURU out there??? could change these move points into vector points? This would enable me to create a feature set of the points.
    I can do this manually using CAd and text files but I just thought it would be rather good to do this within the program!

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    I can't help, but am curious as to why you would want to change move points into vector points. Could you explain?
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      Please Explain

      Yes, Virgil, please explain the logic behind this request.

      I can do this, but it will take a little time as I am busy right now. In the mean time, I want to make sure there is not some other workaround. If these are Move Points, then they are not contacting the part, correct? So, if we make them Vector Points (at the same location) then they will not measure anything if executed, and the program will error out. In addition, Move Points have no IJK vector, so what would we use for the Vector Points IJK values?

      To do what you ask requires a VB project to -

      1) Find the Move Point, read the coordinates
      2) Create a Vector Point at the same coordinates
      3) add some imaginary vector??
      4) delete the original Move Point
      5) repeat as required

      That is a simple summary, but you get the picture. It is more involved as we need to place and update the cursor position with each edit made.

      Your thoughts??


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          Lol Go Wes!
          I used to be high on life but I built up a tolerance.

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            Move Points To Auto Points

            Dear Virgil

            Please check you PM's



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              Wes, is that the number of the local asylum?
              Let me explain.
              I have a 30:1 profile of an aerofoil section pinned flat to the bed of my CMM.
              I have a camera that is attached to my quill, PCDMIS has been fooled into thinking it is a TP20.
              I have a monitor that when focused will show the shape of the aerofoil section.
              I have to go around the shape taking points, MOVE points, because I can't take a hit with a 5K camera, just wouldn't work!
              After I have done this I can be left with some 4,000+ move points, if I can change them into vector points with a "dummy" vector, say 0,0,1 for instance, I can then export into an iges file and flop them straight into a CAD file, easy stuff!
              I have a workaround but it uses text and excel files and time, what better than to have a script.

              Simon from UK has a script that he is sending me, i'll let you know if it works.

              Like to thank you all for your replies.

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                Hi Virgil,

                Cant really help with your problem but one of my colleagues is fairly good with VB scripts so will have a word with him.

                Out of curiosity can I ask why you attach the camera and take points etc etc, is this some reverse engineering exercise or something ?



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                  Originally posted by Virgil UK
                  I have to go around the shape taking points, MOVE points, because I can't take a hit with a 5K camera, just wouldn't work!
                  Ok, maybe you have already taken all of these points but I would like to know:
                  1) Why can't you treat the camera as a 0 diameter hard probe and use a foot switch?

                  2) Or, can you make a small hand switch that will plug in to where the normal probe would plug in and simulate the touches?

                  Why dont you export the program as a Basic program.
                  Open the file with Notepad.
                  And then use find and replace to whittle the data down to what you want.
                  Links to my utilities for PCDMIS


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                    I now have the basic script that turns the move points into vector points and it works well. I can now export as an iges and pull into CAD. With a little smoothing and manipulation I can now craete a 3D surface.

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