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  • continuous scan to touch trigger

    Hello out there! I have been programming this die. I start with the continuous probe head and half way through the program switch to a touch trigger head. I qualify both probe heads before running the program. When I switch to the touch trigger, I lose my Z. Has anyone else had this problem? I have tried redoing pts., redoing probe data, and nothing seems to work. Please, someone have the answer I'm looking for. I have more dies that need to be programmed like this. Thanx a million!!!

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    First: Did you calibrate both probes (aka heads) on the same cal-sphere?
    And also important for correct correlation between the 2 probe-files:
    For the upcoming question "Qual-Tool moved?" you have to answer (at least for the second calibration) with NO!

    Hope i put you on the right track!


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      I've done both of those, and still lose my Z ht. My xy origin stays the same. Do you have any other ideas. Thanx!


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        Another possibility:
        in one of the two calibration-results there's a wrong diameter calculated.


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          When you say continuous probe head, are you speaking of an SP600, SP25, SP80, or the REVO? The reason I ask is if you are using the SP600 has the lower level matrix been created? I don't know if this would be you're problem but just a suggestion of where to look.
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          James Mannes


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            Kym McDaniel,
            If you are using a SP600 and if the matrix are off, when you undo your auto joint you will lose you calibration. I have seen this in the past and had the tech redo the matrix for my SP600 and it was fine after that. I would be fine as long as I didn't undo the auto joint for some reason.
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              looozing z

              I have seen this a couple of times....if all the probe files are not saved in the same version. Try deleting the probe files and results....recreate the probe files...calibrate...try agian.



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