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    I'm using 3.7 mr3, i have 2 gig of ram and programming offline.
    B & S told us we should be using 4 gig and our IT guy says the computer won't use that much so it's useless to install more. The computer keeps kicking me out of pc-dmis and goes to the desktop everytime i try to execute a part of the program. My model is fairly small at 6 mb.
    Dell 670
    3.2 GHZ
    Windows XP Professional
    Service Pack 2

    Any suggestions?

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    I dont' believe putting more ram would help you in your situation. Sounds more like a windows program.

    I would suggest looking at your virtual memory and setting your system performance setting to "adjust for best performance". I also would set my desktop color depth to 16bit to see if it could be a graphics problem.

    Are there any error messages that show when you get booted? Are you using any spyware/pop up blockers?
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      Originally posted by Mile Loveland
      The computer keeps kicking me out of pc-dmis and goes to the desktop everytime i try to execute a part of the program

      Try using break point mode (ctrl B) at the end of the program and watch how far it gets when executing and at what feature or command it freaks out. Then try to unmark or replace that section of code ( copy the original program first ).

      Your hardware spec's are fine. It is either a combination of key strokes that is causing it or a buggered up line of code.

      More info could be more helpful
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        I have a Dell Precision 380 with
        P4 cpu 3.00 ghz
        and 1.00 g of ram
        XP SP2
        PCDMIS 3.7 MR2

        this is the system that B&S installed just last November

        I have a hard time believing that you would need 4g of ram...someone is not in touch with reality

        I do notice the same quirks that are discussed on this forum, but for the most part, PCDIMS is pretty stable

        sounds more like a "bad" install of PCDMIS

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          Most of my crashes were caused by the graphics card, you have more then
          enough ram in my humble opinion. What are you using for a graphics card.
          B&S set us up w/ a HP CPU w/ an integrated graphics card. It crashed about
          3 times a day. Since we changed computers it has never crashed w/ 3.7mr3.
          It was last sept. that they gave us the original cpu.
          GLOBAL FX 12-15-10
          3.7MR3, XP/SP2
          EXCEL 12-20-10, 9-12-9, 7-10-7


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            We had a similar situation. A new Alpha with a HP PC.
            3.7 MR-2 - 3 gigs of Ram. Crashed numerous times per
            day losing all measured values in process.
            B & S finally replaced the PC with another HP.
            I do not know what graphic cards(s) were invloved.
            They had installed windows, PC D-MIS, etc. at B & S.


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