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    I got a .098 dia pilot holes to check and when the probehead miss a hit it retracks and hits otherside of the hole. How can I adjust this retrack motion when a probe doesn't "pick up" the point?
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    Small Hole

    Your Hole Is .098 How Big Is Your Probe? You Need To Change Your
    Pre - Hit Distance So It Doesn't Crash. GO TO EDIT-PREFERENCES
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      Set your prehit and retract to .01-.015" and I would think yo're using a .039" probe. I also use "Find Center" a lot and that helps too.
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        You should not have to change your pre-hit & retract.I use find hole(center)the software will adjust for a smaller hole.I use a pre-hit & retract of .100 inch.I check holes all the time down to .030 with a .7 mm probe all the time.You just need to slow your move speed & touch speed down to keep from breaking the probe.Also if you use fly mode,turn it off for holes under .200 of an inch.


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          Pcdmis automatically adjusts the PREHIT and RETRACT for hole radii that are smaller then the currect PREHIT and RETRACT. It does NOT put code in the program, but does it in the background. It will try to go back to the center on the retract for holes that are small like this, so if the hole is off location, it will hit the edge on the retract. Use READ POS and then update the TARGET location to the measured value. You might also want to REMEAS the hole if it is that far off location.
          Originally posted by AndersI
          I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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