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  • SP 600 Scans

    PC-37 mr2 SP600
    no CAD
    Short program
    Manual autocircle ID
    alignment to circle ID
    Measure same diameter auto cylinder ID
    alignment to cylinder ID
    Level Z+
    XYZ= 0

    Scan same cylinder ID
    Scan OD Cylinder

    then Try to create a Radial SCAN R18
    can not get Radial scan to work.
    What is the secret?

    Question 2 is run program off line Auto circle and Cylinder show at XYZ = 0
    but SCANned features end up out in space.
    2014 SP5, DataPage + v5.0 #331
    [testing v2015.1]

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    As far as I remember, radial and circle scans didn't work so well in early versions of 3.7. I would create the scan as a linear open or closed scan and then retrieve your info from that scan. Same info different method.

    James Mannes


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      If you leveled your z+ to the cylinder, origin on x, y...Maybe I'm missing something, but a cylinder in this case cannot control your z+ location. Cylinder cannot constrain all these degrees of freedom.



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        radial- circle scans

        I too have not had much luck with radial scans...a lot of crashes. But the circle scans work great in 3.7 MR2, I have been using them all the time lately. In the circle scan menus, you have to make sure that all your vectors, start vector and angles are all in correctly, even with a cad model I dont think that it is as easy as selecting cad surfaces or wires like in autofeatures. (might me wrong on that). Circle scans will give you a lot of data to play with..


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          SP 600 scans

          I do the auto Cylinder in DCC mode with 3 surface points.
          this I use for Z = 0.

          The circle and cylinder scans run real nice.
          ID and OD sizes with in 0.002mm of Bore gages and Snap mics.

          Run out of OD from ID datum is good.

          But, need the Radial scan to do run out of flange face from ID.
          I know it can be done.
          did it on a different part with a smaller R.

          Tried to copy and paste and just change the R value.
          problem is the hit values stay at the original #'s
          2014 SP5, DataPage + v5.0 #331
          [testing v2015.1]


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