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    Hello out there in CMM land - I am a bit confused with using my CMM for surface profile. I run a Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage. I have tried to make sense of the manual, but come up a little short. I have looked for other posts too regarding profile.
    I have a print with a plane that specifies .010 profile to a datum, with a cylinder in the middle of the plane. The surface to be measured is only .375 wide by .250 long on both sides of the cylinder.
    Is there a suggested number of hits to take based on the area to be measured? I tried nine hits on one side of the cylinder in the form of a square, plotted +.010 and -.010 in the respective profile windows, and the CMM gave me a reading of -.0022. The other side, with the same amount of hits and shape, reads -.016. Something is obviously wrong and so is there anyone who could give clarity?


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    Got a copy of the actual callout? or a pic? the .010 profile has something to do with the cylinder?
    you should have a number from the datum to the surface, .010 profile will be +/-.005 from the datum.


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      FYI a PDF works the best on this forum for posting, otherwise you get a tiny little pic. that no one can read.
      Scott Staral
      Layout Tech.
      Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry


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        You should construct a plane with PL1.HIT[1..9] and PL2.HIT[1..9], then dimension this plane...


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          Kingkrab - Would it be possible to call me and discuss this? I am located near Sacramento, CA. My number here is (530) 268-8500. Just ask for Robbie in
          the Q.A. Dept. I start my day at 6:00am, but could be here earlier to fit your time zone . I have many questions regarding surface profile and line
          profile, too much to discuss here. I'd be greatly appreciative.


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