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    I had to build a probe from scratch with a little help from Tech Support and some nice gentlemen from Germany. It calibrated just fine, but when it was done I got an error message that said "Unable to calculate deflection matrix" for each of the four probes in my knuckle. I clicked OK, and it seems to be OK but it does not retract after taking a DCC vector point. It goes in, takes the point at then sits there.

    Not sure about this one, I'll take all the help I can.

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    Are you sure your knuckles aren't dragging on the ground? SORRY!

    Well, as a last resort, you could try measuring the tips in MANUAL mode. I have found that this will sometimes 'correct' vectors that it is having problems with. One thing, you WILL need to calibrate a 'good' probe setup (build up) and tell it the tool is in a NEW position, then calibrate the good build-up (one you don't have problems with), then change to the problem probe, then measure them all in manual mode after telling it the tool has NOT moved.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Well, I hope you did make sure the retract value had not somehow become "0.000". You say 4 tips on a knuckle. Do you mean a star? Or do you mean 1 knuckle at 4 different index positions? I do not know anything about the matrix error. Did you try calibrating it again?
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        I was told by someone that you have to qualify each knuckle angle by itself, not as a group
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          I have 2 cents.
          Upon recieving a "Matrix Error" we increase the amount of hits the probe takes on the calibration artifact - this usually takes care of the problem, but not always. If not, we play with the start and end angle.
          As a last resort, we do a "Lower Level Matrix Calibration" and this, my friend, always takes care of the problem.
          Hope it works for you.
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            When I recieve this error I forget, is it the red pill I need to take........

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