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    I have a program that we're running off from a network drive thats already been used several times. The problem is when i open it with the cmm it won't recognize the "=AUTO/EDGE POINT, SHOWALLPARAMS" that are in the program. When i open it with the off-line seat it's just fine. The cmm shows"=AUTO/ , SHOWALLPARAMS". I reloaded Pc-dmis but didn't help. 3.5 mr2
    Any help would be GREAT!
    Called tech support but still waiting for a return tx.

    thanks, mike
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    When you're online do you have the edge point option in the auto feature list?

    If not could it be a dongle issue (custprog.exe)?!?
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      Sorry, but edgepoints are not enabled in your system. It is very easy to build a work around using variables from your own"pre-hits". BTW the "program from off the network drive" is an old 3.5 crack that won't do you much good with 3.7 or better. So IMO I'd watch out for big problems from the "program from off the network drive".


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