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  • Custom tool bar.

    Hi everyone....

    I created some custom tool bars, removed stuff I never use etc. After creating, I hit the apply button then close when finished.

    These tool bars won't stay. When I start a new program, or bring up an existing program, all the toolbars are back to the old way.

    Any idea's ?? this is Dmis 4.0..

    One other question.. is B&S offering 4.1 as an update to 4.0?

    Thanks... Len

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    Create a windows layout. Then, when they disappear you just have to activate the windows layout toolbar and click on your layout. Odd that they won't stay but this should fix it. Of course you will need to do a few extra clicks every time you open.

    I am using 3.7mr3. Maybe 4.0 is different in this manner.


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