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    I have imported an iges file with no problem. I took hits on my manual alignment features and selected CAD = Part. My alignment origin does not coincide with the part origin. the part origin is floating in space above the model. Does the origin on the model have to be to the same alignment as the manual alignment in the program? Will I have to have the origin on the iges file moved before I can create a dmis program to it?

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    Have you tried to set initial to 1 and perm to 1 in your autocircle if you use them the part and the program hits and model shuld snap together.
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      You will need to set up your manual, I would highly recommend a DCC alignment here, to the same alignment as your part before you do CAD=PART. When you click CAD=PART you're telling the software that your current alignment and the part alignment are the same and to bring them together. To answer your question, no you will not be able to write your program as it is now. You have a few of options, move the part origin to where your alignment is, do an iteritive alignment, or create an alignment that matches your part alignment and then do CAD=PART.



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        Whne you took your manual hits did you take them off the part? If you did, before you hit that CAD=PART, use your CAD INFO pulldown and look at the coordinates of the origin on the CAD and the vector alignments of the CAD. Most of the time they will not match the numbers and direction of your manual alignment. So you will have to offset your manual alignment to "match" the CAD model. That's the very 1st way to look at aligning off of CAD. It gets way simpler when you just manually measure right off the CAD buts lets take some small steps first until you get comfortable on the undetstandng of how your machine and the CAD are "seeing" each other.....B
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