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    Hi there.

    One question for you guys and girls offcourse,
    We would like to put some graphic screen captures in a word based report. To prevent the file to get to bog we would like to export the screen capture as a .GIF file instead of a .BMP file. Can any one tell me how this could be done, or at least tell me then that it is not possible

    Thanks in advance,


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    Well this is how I would do it...

    Arrange your Graphics Display Window to show the image you want.

    Select: Operation - Graphics Display Window - Screen Capture To - Clipboard.

    Then open Microsoft Photo Editor (or similar program).

    Select: Edit - Paste as New Image.

    Finally Save As... and select .gif as the file type.

    Then you can insert it into a Word document.

    Works for me!!


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      W NZ S (What NZ Girl Said)

      I would only point out that many program can make this conversion for you. I would most likely use microsoft paint, and I think Imaging can do it as well. Almost any software that can work with images will allow several formats you can save to. HTH
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        This is the best one that I have found.
        Advanced Batch Converter.
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          Snagit is a real good option too.

          James Mannes


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