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  • In Need of Programming Training Materials for CMM

    Folks...on the subject of training, I am in need of some training material for PC-DMIS. I have recently accepted a position in the CMM Programming field after having been away for some years now. Don't know the exact time I have been away, but let me put it this way...when I last wrote programs I wrote them in MM4, Geopak and AVAIL...PC-DMIS was just beginning to be implemented. I hope that someone can provide me with some basic program training material so that I may come up to speed as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for any and all help you are able to provide. If necessary I will supply my email or even physical address in order to receive any available info.

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    On the above web site you can down load a manual. I did .( its large)
    hope this will help and good luck


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      Thanks, Logun. This information will be a huge help.


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        PM(personal message) me an email address.

        James Mannes


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          Originally posted by LOUGUN

          On the above web site you can down load a manual. I did .( its large)
          hope this will help and good luck
          Just an FYI, those tutorials are relevent to 3.1 - 3.25mr3(I think there were 3 mr's?). Anyways if you are going to be working with newer versions than mentioned above, the tutorials probably will not be of benefit to you.

          James Mannes


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            With all due respect and admiration for your renewed persuit of the CMM career path, I have had a very similar experience as what you're doing.

            I began my programming on MM4, went to Avail, switched to Mitutoyo Geopak and finally returned back to an entirely new world of PC-DMIS after about a 6 year hiatus.

            Based on that experience I wish to recommend to you that although the tutorials are good for reference, one cannot really get the full impact or benefit of PC-DMIS unless you go through the training. Books and literature are nice of course, but there are many "tricks" out there that one cannot pick up without training AND this forum. Combine the two and you and your company will benefit.

            Trust me, I've been down virtually the same road... It's not impossible to learn through literature alone, but you'll be playing trial and error for a while and as James stated, The versions are relatively outdated...

            Aside from that, welcome back to the fold and good luck to you
            Thomas Stewart
            Quality Technician/CMM Programmer

            2010 MR1
            Mitutoyo BN715
            CMMC-3 Controller


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              Here, here Thomas.

              A welcome example to the responses most have given in the past. Before I took the first class, I tried stumbling around the menus and help files. After the first class, I came back and could at least find the menus and options I was looking for and understand the logic behind them.After some practice and work, I went back to the second class and gathered yet another perspective on the whole program. Very well worth the investment.

              BTW,.....Welcome back!
              Excercise your mind,..... muscle works better than fat!!


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