Hole Locations: raw IGES V.S. imported PCDMIS

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  • Hole Locations: raw IGES V.S. imported PCDMIS

    I can look up my X,Y, and Z axis locations in mastercam on any given hole on any given part and get one set of values. When I import the raw IGES into my program and use the auto circle function it gives me a totally different XYZ location. It may be how I align the part but how I align the part still moves my cmm to the appropriate location and or hole location but my coordinates do not correlate to in car body position. Does anybody know of or heard of this before.

    Chris Murphy

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    Ddi you do CAD=PART after your alignment?
    Mark Farren


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      we've run into this as well...is the surface on a curved surface? We had a stamping here that had a slot pierced on a curved surface, and had a tough time getting the MasterCAM nominal and the PC-Dmis nominals to match. Also, is there wireframe data, we found that this is the easiest for selecting hols/slots on curved surfaces.

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        The part orientation is not so important.

        What type of alignment are you doing? 3-2-1? or iterative?

        Some other factors, metal thickness, wireframe or surface, which PC-Dmis is selecting.
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          Just a quick thought, make sure you output the correct origin if you have multiples, I'd be a rich man if I got paid for every IGES I fixed that came to me with the wrong origin exported.
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