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    FIG1.JPG Hi Guys and Gals, I have a quick GD & T question (See Att). I'm really unsure as to what the ringed dimensions are asking of me & my CMM. I have never come across this before (The engineer that I need to speak with is on vacation for a fortnite as well - Doh!). All input will be gratefully received as always.

    Thanks in advance

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    profile of a surface

    if you have cad it would help tremendously to measure the profile.

    if you do align the part/cad - take vector points and dimension T. or edge points if its a trim line then its really profile of a line. having cad will give you the nominals needed to measure the profile.


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      Good answer Winston. I would agree.

      James Mannes


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        This is easy to do in 4.0: measure datum A as a plane and measure your B (I see that is a cylinder) and C (I may have missed that one, but it probably is also a cylinder) datums. Use the

        to define the datums.

        Now measure vector points on the feature. Evaluate the points to the 3 defined datums. Works like a charm. Great and easy to read reporting.

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          And they want you to take points in between the letters given for each profile callout. These are always the critical areas of the part, it has to do with the mating part. That is why they are tighter than any other area.
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            Thanks all for your input.

            For those that are interested:

            According to our customer this was a drg error.

            Like some of the other features I must rotate my CS about the pertaining hole by 12° and then measure the face (242.23 +/- 0.25).

            Again - thanks for your help, it really is appreciated.

            Recently jumped from 3.5 Mr 2 CAD
            to 2012 CAD++


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