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    Our customer for chrysler part, asked us to create and ID to access to covisint,
    I Guss is some sort of system to upload the cmm report to once generated,
    AM I write ,if not please, correct me,
    my question is in what format the cmm reports should be , same as it comes out of cmm or any other software, do we need to purchase any software or what, please, help me with more info.

    Thank you in advance,

    A D


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    If you need the data in an Access Database format, then I recommend QCCalc. It will take your output and put directly into a Access database.
    Links to my utilities for PCDMIS


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      Originally posted by cmmguy
      If you need the data in an Access Database format, then I recommend QCCalc. It will take your output and put directly into a Access database.
      No kidding? I keep hearing good things about QCCalc (our local dealers are pushing it too). I did not know you could do Access databases with it. I think Datapage is antiquated and inflexable (sure you can do ASCII dumps and Excel imports but what of "real" databases? sql etc). Not to highjack this thread but what do you know about QCCalc and it's advantages? I'm sick of Datapage and dumped a long time ago, I just write out to .txt and massage my data with other software now. From my past anti-Datapage posts here I gather I am the only hater though, a lot of folks here seem to like Datapage. Fill me in.

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        I too abandoned datapage. Up here, in London Ontario, I use a data-crunching software called "StepAhead".
        This software was designed around pcdmis and works quite well.
        These folks have also come up with another package called "ppap creator".

        When you format your "report" headers in pcdmis in the correct format, you can create an AIAG ppap with all information dumped right in.

        Check out their website at;

        Nice folks there. Contact Tina Dorrans.



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          another vote for transformation...very easy to learn/use, and the folks are more than happy to help

          BTW, were here in Woodstock and the whole set-up/training/etc took about 4 hrs...we bought 3 seats.

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            Whats 1 seat cost?
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