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    Does anybody know of a way to constuct a point where a line runs (meets)tangent to a circle? I have a partial radius and a line at a angle projected on to a plane that passes through my alignment orgin. On one side, I can get it to do a pierce point. But on the other side it says: math does not converge.
    It will allow me to do a drop point on that side. And the drop point looks to be in the ball park looking at the graphics. But how would I know for sure?
    Actually I'm trying to get the diameter at the point where a cone meets a radius. And the only way I can think of is to measure the radius and then measure the line on the cone and try to do a pierce point. And after getting three more points around the curcumference, try creating a best fit circle.
    Running ver. 3.2063

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    Is this radius at the "mouth" of the cone? I am trying to picture what you are after. Does that version have the radio buttons for Hight and Diameter under constructed circle? You may have to create a theoretical offset plane and itersect it with the cone to get the diameter. You could measure the radius and dump it into a variable to be used at the amount to offset the plane. A sketch or section of the print would help me to help you better.
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      It sounds familiar. Is this what you are talking about?
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        Hey Wes,The radius is at the large end of the cone. And as far as I can tell
        there is no option for height on a circle. If I can get a drawing of it tomorrow, I'll try and get it to ya. Hey cmmguy, I looked at your drawing and that may work. I'll give it a try tomorrow.
        Thanks for the ideas.


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