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  • scan liner open edge

    Im trying to scan a edge on a surface thats on a curve. Ive had problems before on edge scans. Seems like I can never get the parameters right. Can someone explain them to me. When I pick edge scan it tells me 3 points on surface close to start point, then start, dir, 3 points on end near end point. Any way to skip this procedure also.

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    I dont know where the three points come from. Sounds like a setting for determining the surface point vector. I have used this function to check the sealing face all the way around the face of a part that had a surface only about .050" wide. It was a while ago, but I think that is was an edge scan, You pick the surface, then you pick all of the edges that you want the scan relative to and then enter the offset from the edge.
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      I dont have any CAD. Im reverse enginerring a die section


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        lower the min max on the angle and up the number of points per inch/mm,
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          Speaking of scanning....

          How can I set up my linear open scan when offline. I can never get it to run thru simulation as it only simulates the start and end points. I can set it up on the CMM and run it just like normal but can never get it to run in simulation.

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