PCDMIS output to a non-Datapage SPC database

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  • PCDMIS output to a non-Datapage SPC database

    Ladies & Gentlemen-
    I originally posted this over here, but this forum has a larger population.

    Basically, I'd like PC-DMIS to output to an MSDE (or SQL) database. We currently have another bit of software that looks at a MSDE database and does SPC type things with the data- capability, trends, etc. It would be a big time-saver rather than getting the printout, copying those values into Excel (though jamesmannes did post a useful tool that pulls values out of reports and dumps them into Excel), and then getting the capability values, etc.

    Two other things to add- I have been experimenting with 4.0, trying to get it to connect to the MSDE database we have, but haven't had any luck. Has anyone else tried this?

    And- I read in the 4.1 readme.txt this line-
    "Notice: PC-DMIS Database support for Microsoft Access does not exist in Version 4.1"

    So I'm guessing the feature is now disabled? Anyways, just looking to see if anyone else had the idea to try something like this.


    Relevant stats:
    CMM: B&S ONE
    PC-DMIS 3.7 MR3
    Probe Head: MH8
    TP20 probe system
    Probe Rack: MCR20
    Extension(s): 50mm carbon fiber (PECF1)
    Datum ball: straight fixed, 0,0,1
    OS: MS Windows XP Pro Version 5.1.2600 SP2 Build 2600
    Total Physical Memory: 512.50 MB
    Graphics: Mobo integrated
    "It is better to break the law knowingly than to do so by ignorance." - Robert Heinlein

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