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    Anyone know if there is a way to change the check depth when doing a find hole?

    I have a small hole that I want to use the find hole on. The problem is that the hole is both off location and not deep enough. So, what happens is that it hits on top and resets the z location of the hole. Then, when it finds the hole it probes too deep and hits the bottom of the hole. The end result is that it never finds the hole.

    I suppose I could use the "Read Pos" feature in the auto circle window but I would rather not have to watch this part run and wait around to position the probe.

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    It has do to with the value put into check distance. It is relative to that and prehit and retract.

    James Mannes


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      Place your cursor infront of the feature that you need to check, typically a hole or slot.
      Hit "enter" on your keyboard. Type in "check". Now you should have something like this; CHECK/ 0,1.
      Highlight the "zero" and change to whatever you think you need.

      I use this all the time in conjunction with the "find hole" function.



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        Thanks guys! Changing the check distance is the ticket!


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