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  • Ver 4.0 Editing reports

    OK, I must be just an idiot, but I can not for the life of me figure out how : to.

    A) Get MY logo onto the reports.

    B) Get rid of the annoying "light blue" background on my reports.

    C) Adjust the size of the "target plot" icon on the True Positioned features on a report.

    Anyone have any suggestions, OH and if you tell me to open the help file.... I CAN'T PC-Dmis CRASHES EVERYTIME I try to open the help file! How's that for help?!?

    BTW, this is Ver 4.0

    Or BETTER YET.... Is there a way I can use the "old style" reports in Ver 4.0?
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    you must edit the logo.dat file
    save you image you want to hard drive in a bitmap format
    open the logodat file with notepad to edit it
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      4.0 does not use the logo.dat file anymore.You must set up your report headers through creating report layouts & report templets.I spent about a hour with tech support on the phone about this and it is kind of a hassle.


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        Detailed instructions

        I've developed a list of somewhat detailed instructions on a procedure to change the graphics. It may not be the most efficient way right now, but it works. I am attaching and RTF file that describes each step. Try it out. . .
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          Not RTF, but PDF

          I guess RTF attachents are not allowed, so I converted it to PDF, with previous message.


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            What about getting rid of the light blue background I get on these new reports? I messed around for almost an HOUR and never got close to figuring that out.
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              If v4.0 does not use logo.dat, then why is it in V4.0?
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                I'm telling you right now, they better pull their heads out REAL QUICK and get the regular, plain, old-fashioned report BACK INTO V4.0 and all future releases. I just can't beleive that they would totally mess something as simple as this up by making it that we now have to mess around for hours to get a report instead of clicking on half a dozen option boxes like we can now and make templates and other junk. A few of us have complained about the B&S header info that WE could not get rid of so that OUR customer LOGO.DAT files would be the header, but I never heard a single person say they wanted anything like this!

                IF THIS IS TRUE THAT YOU HAVE TO MAKE SOME KIND OF TEMPLATE just so you can make a report, Then I'm going to be REALLY MAD! They say that these changes are 'customer driven' and they have said it several times. SO, come on, fess up, which ones of you told B&S and Wilcox that making reports was too easy and that you wanted it to be made into a HUGE cluster-f that would p!ss off most of the users? You have to be out there, after all, THEY claim the changes are customer driven. So, was it YOU? Or YOU? Or YOU? We have ways of making you talk, so talk now, take the easy way out!
                Originally posted by AndersI
                I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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                  Reports get generated into a separate Report window in v4.0, so you don't use logo.dat for Report headers. However, it is still used if you want to modify Edit window headers.

                  I've discussed modifying headers in a previous post here. It's a little easier to read than Don's file but essentially contains the same information:


                  Yes, reports are now template driven. But several standard report temlates get shipped with PC-DMIS, so you don't need to create a new template to view any reports. You only need to mess with templates if you want to customize the default output.

                  You can still print your inspection report to an RTF report, though the internal workings of the RTF report are somewhat different because it is generated by one of the standard templates that ship with PC-DMIS. I've dicussed some issues with the RTF inspection report here:

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                    If you are seeing the light-blue background colors on your report, then you are most likely displaying dimensions in an advanced text-mode report which shows dimension information in a table-like format with cells, headings, and so forth.
                    You can remove this background color in two ways:
                    1) Display the report in Text Mode Dimension reporting
                    2) Change the background color on the cells of the label template that controls this.

                    Route 1: Change Report to Text Mode Dimension Reporting
                    To change this to the simplified text report, thereby removing cell backgrounds:
                    1. Right click on the white space below any dimensions and select Edit. The Report dialog box appears.
                    2. Select the Use Text Mode Dimension Reporting check box
                    3. Click OK. PC-DMIS redraws the report as a straight text report, removing any colored backgrounds.
                    Route 2: Change Label Template Cells Background Colors
                    If you still want the advanced table-like text report, but want to change the background color to something different, then you're delving into something a bit more complicated, and you will need to modify the label template or templates that control this.

                    What label template(s) you decide to edit depends on what dimensions you use in your part program. Some dimensions use different labels templates to display their information. You need to first find out what label templates your Report Template is calling.

                    To do this:
                    1. Open your Report Template inside the Report Template Editor.
                    2. Right-click on the TextReportObject and click on Rules next to the Rules Tree property. The Rule Tree Editor appears.
                    3. In the expandable list of possible items, expand Dimensions, then select the dimension you are interested in. For example, if you select Dimension True Position from the list, it will display some code that says: USE TEMPLATE "legacy_dimension_true_position.lbl". This tells you that for True Position Dimensions, in advanced text-mode display it is using the template named "legacy_dimension_true_position.lbl".
                    Now, using my previous post on modifying headings as a guide, open the desired label template inside the Label Template Editor, and change the background color or anything else to whatever you like. When finished, save your changes and then click the Redraw the Report icon from the Report window's Report toolbar.

                    Hope this helps.
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                    Jared Hess - PC-DMIS Documentation Team Lead @ HMI
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                      Please read my post under "re-release of ver 4"

                      It might help for the future, thanks to you guys for helping in here, by the way....
                      Jim Jewell


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                        Thank you Jared

                        I didn't even read Jared's guide on modifying reports, but it is most likely a better read than mine. I just threw mine together quickly so there would be something available, without even thinking to ask around.


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