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    Is the ATI RADEON X700 256mb Graphics card suitable for PCDMIS?

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    I think it depends on the version you want to run. Prior to 4.0 users were urged to stay away from ATI cards, as there were known problems with those cards and pc-dmis. For 4.0 and up they say do not use Nvidia Geforce cards, but other Nvidia cards are presumably ok and there is no mention of ATI at all. HTH
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      I'm using a Radeon 9800 pro 256MB (I think) and i dont have any problems manipulating BIG models
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        Thanks for your replies, i also have this problem, (originally posted in Blade forum),:-

        Does anybody know if it is possible to get Blade to scan an elliptical part?
        I have created the nominal XYZIJK's from CAD and defined 3 sections, but when I try to convert to a math file the software tells me that it cannot calculate the sections.
        I have tried forcing the convex side to ALL axis, could this be the problem - both sides being of convex shape?

        Any light shed would be most helpful?

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          I am running 3.5MR2 on ATI FireGL with 1024MB and having a lot of problems. I have similar problem 3 years ago in the other place when I run 3.5MR2 on ATI Radeon. I told my IT people that I need Nvidia Quadro. Now I am waiting for it, hope it will resolve all issues. In the other place I am running 3.7MR3 on Nvidia Quadro with 128MB without any issues. Try to stay away from ATI especially if you using 3.5.
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            I have a ATI Radeon 9200 SE AGP 8X graphics card with 128mg DDR Memory.
            Running win XP sp2 with 1 gig Ram
            Dmis 3.5 mr2

            I had to update video card driver right away to make it work.
            I've had no problems


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              We have been using a Matrox 256mb card for the last two years (3.5mr2 thru 3.7mr3). It has been working great until we upgraded to 3.7mr2. We have been having problems with large cad files (anywhere from 200 to 700mb). Now we are being told by our IT department that the Matrox card is actually a 2D cad card and that we should switch to a NVidia gaming card ? ? ? I'm still waiting on B&S Technical Support to give us an answer as to why we are suddenly having problems (it's been over two weeks since we heard anything from them). Since we are unable to get support from B&S we are going to make the switch to the NVidia card Friday based upon our own IT department's suggestion. After waiting all this time for technical support from B&S, I don't think my supervisor is going to be as eager next year when it comes time to renew our SMA for four seats of PC-DMIS.

              I will let you all know the outcome of our attempt to correct our large cad file issue after we switch video cards and I'll also let you know what B&S's suggestion is if they ever reply...
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