3.7 mr2 cad nominals off

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  • 3.7 mr2 cad nominals off

    I am new to PC-DMIS and CMM's in generalbut, I have a simple but large part, Cylinder with a flange on one end. I am working with CAD for the part. I set up and take manual hits on the bore of the flange to get a circle center and then take hits on the face of the flange to get a plane. I level Z plus to the plane and set x , y origin to the center of the circle, there is also a slot I measure and rotte y to the center of the slot, then do CAD = Part. I then use manual hits on the CMM around the outside of the cylinder in 2 places along the axis and construct 2 cirlces from the manual hits. I then construct a line through the circle centers and level to this line, set x,y origins to the line and use the same slot for rotate. If I now report out the positions of the centers of the 2 circles The actual is essentailly zero but the nominals are non zero and in fact are out in x and y about the same amount that I know, from another measurement, that the centers of the 2 constructed circles should be in the original alignment. By the way the points are being determined manually on the cmm initially due to the required wrist moves between points, doing and auto circle I m not sure how to get those wrist move as I can not measure the circles along the axis of the cylinder but have to have the probe out to the side changing a axis to get the hits with out shanking the probe. Any help would be appreciated.

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    try using an iterative alignment manual then dcc. use your primary datums for the features in the dcc alingment.


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