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    You'd think after all the times I've walked around the back of my machine, I'd know where the sensor was located. Well, I just did it, I walked around the back and kicked the black wire that I presume is the temp comp sensor. I have now idea where this goes. Tthe one end is still plugged into the back control box, Where's the sensor end connect to? Help, I done did it now! Thanks

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    My sensor is magnetic and I check plastic parts. I have a small metal part that I attach it to and have on top of the granite of the CMM. I believe some people attach it to the base of there qualification sphere.
    That is of course you do not have parts to attach it to?

    The other question is it turned on? They calibrated my machine with it on.

    Windows 7
    Pc-Dmis 2015
    Global Performance 7-10-7


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      Thanks, Mine was calibrated with the sensor attached and turned on. I have attached it to the base of the sphere. SB


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        never have used it. What are the benifits? What type of tolerances are you holding? I am going to post a poll and just see how many use them. I was told that by a CMM Certifier that they are useless.
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