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    Under the command tab in Edit Windows Layout, I have the Show Hits box, not checked. Under the Report Tab I don't have the top two checked.

    For the past 2 days, after making these changes, I continue writing my program and all of the sudden the hits are back on there again. I go back to the edit windows layout and they are all checked again. This is now an ongoing problem.

    Any ideas?

    ~Josh~ Giles Rescue "Ut ceteri vivant"

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    After setting things the way you want them try this..

    open settings f5
    click the default button
    click ok
    save the program
    exit pcdmis

    see if that works

    next time post the version ....they all have different "issues"
    sigpiccall me "Plum Crazy"....but you only go around once!


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      Answer from Mike will not fix the behaviour you are seeing.

      This is a known issue it makes suffer a little

      First of all need to distinguish between "windows layouts toolbar" and "Edit Window Toolbar"

      After you set your preferences on the "Edit Windows Layout" your are changing them again inadvertently using icons froms the "windows layouts toolbar" when you switch "edit window" from command mode to report mode.

      For that purpose use Menu "View>Command Mode or Report Mode" or better same icons include them on the "Edit Window Toolbar"


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        Go to the Edit Window Layout and uncheck the boxes again and select OK, then go to the Window Layout Toolbar and right click on the Summary Mode icon and select OK, this will save the settings. Click on the Progran icon and go back to the Edit Window Layout and uncheck the boxes again and select OK. Finally, go to the Window Layout Toolbar and right click on the Program icon and selct OK.

        You will now be able to toggle between Summary mode and command mode and not lose the settings.
        Rob Jensen
        Product Owner - GD&T
        Metrology Software, Inc. - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence


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