How about a response from B&S . We know your watching

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  • How about a response from B&S . We know your watching

    B&S can you give us an explantion to the Price and Worth of our SMA, And why do not have more than one option on the table for us to get upgrades.
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    Now there is a novel idea. options.

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      Give us some options on the sma, or cut the price. It is way over priced.

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      2010 MR3


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        Discounted Versions

        Discounted Prices for previous versions. Variable pricing for the SMA:
        MR's $
        MR's + Tech Support $$
        Versions (3.2063, 3.5, etc) $
        Versions + Tech Support $$

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          How about a testing period? If we do not like the version, or it doesn't work for us the way intended, we get a refund?
          Is that not how it works in retail???
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          When all you have is a hammer - everything looks like a nail....


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            Ya know, they would probably pull the plug on this forum because of all the complaining we do, except for the fact that I think WE are the ones training the techs. I seem to remember someone posting on the old board that the tech they talked to had to get the answer off the board to help them fix a problem...........
            Originally posted by AndersI
            I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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              I doubt they would pull the plug on their #1 customers. I've never talked to tech support before and don't intend to unless PCDMIS somehow disapeared off the hard drive.

              Upgrades should be free just like any other software.
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                Upgrades should be free just like any other software.[/QUOTE]

                I do not no of many/any high end software's that have free upgrade?

                I understand the cost for and SMA ie: R&D, development, testing, etc..... But the cost for what we get is the question. Instead of slamming B&S how about reasonable requests or ideas to be included with SMA's.

                *Reduced cost for continued contract agreements.
                *Redused cost if no major changes or upgrades in a certian amount of time (working)
                *Quick response time on questions (1 hour or less)

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                  Let me add to that... Less bug's in what we pay for.....
                  I am having a hard time with the cost, for what we are getting the last few years. It just ain't right.
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                    I could see chargeing for a new version with (NEW features) but not a mr release to fix the bugs that came out.. and why only 1 or 2 mr's and go on to the next version fix what you have then add a new feature...
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                      B&S I want thank you, Because of PC_DMIS, I make a dam good living. I put my name here because I am proud of what I do. I have made you a lot of money too. I have talked many companies into buying your software. I am straight up guy. I hope you are too. Hey Admin, Can you get someone from the top to sit in one day and let us ask some questions. Kind of like a shareholders Meeting. Just one professional to another Professional. Let us know. Thank you, Paul Sarrach
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                        I agree with T Miller


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                          My wife is in software sales, currently Microsoft. They also sell maintenance agreements but what you get for your money seems WAY different. She deals in the large company space...companies like Progressive Insurance, Key Bank etc.

                          If THEY got a bug-filled product or upgrade, I can't imagine they'd be all that happy....and I also can't imagine they'd be all that willing to do the lions share of the testing either.

                          Case in point: Here in ohio, check out Invacare in Elyria. They're the market leaders in wheelchairs, hospital beds etc. Check out their year end numbers and their reasons why they lost SOOOO MUCH MONEY! They chose an ORACLE product to run their sales dept. and in over a year, they couldn't get it up and running leading to a huge loss in sales.

                          Point is, SMA's are here to stay....but I agree with a couple previous posters in that what we've been getting isn't quality stuff for our money....hence why I'm still running 3.5mr2 even though we have the SMA.

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                            Hey , I'm still at 3.2063. I have all of em, except the 3.7 mr3 and 4.0 on my CPU. I only use 3.7 for offline programming. Point is, we have been paying for what, like almost 4 yrs now for stuff that crashes and burns. The end product must get better.
                            Now, I really love working with Pcdmis, I really do. And I like the direction they are heading. I think they should actually spend More time on the new stuff, and release like 1 version a year. But get it right. No more Mr#'s...
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                            When all you have is a hammer - everything looks like a nail....


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                              abacus and such

                              I have been using computers almost since the first desktop personal computers hit the market. At least once a week when I am getting fed up with this or that piece of hardware or software I remember how exited I was to get a 900 baud modem! Trs 80, Commadore 64, DOS, etc. What this software can do is amazing. Even more surprising is that it can be co-erced to work CMM's & controllers made by so many different companies from around the industrialized world. All in all this is great software that does powerful things well. The SMA as much as the initial purchase price funds the creation and improvement of the software.
                              This is not to excuse 3.6. That was just plain lousy. I think one rate for upgrades and say 5 or less calls to tech support, or a higher rate for unlimited tech support would be a good idea. I also think 1 release every year or three would probably be plenty, provided it is solid. NO MORE JUNK!
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