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    After programming in PC-DMIS for over 12 years, I've only used the EQUATE/ALIGNMENT a handfull of times. I forgot what I did as it's been so long since I used it successfully. Now, I have to program a part which I need to use this or I will have to measure a bunch of stuff over again. I have a model which I used for "PART 1" and after a number of temporary alignments using a readpoint to measure the datums in DCC to create a "FINAL" alignment. Now I flip the part over, and actually use manual measurements to get started before I create the "FINAL2" alignment which I then EQUATE/ALIGNMENT FINAL1, FINAL2. After I do this, the coordinate system did't flip nor is it correct. Anyone out there have any examples of using this successfully?

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    Check the helpfile under equate alignment. I think it mentions something about just that (doesn't display correctly).
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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      Matt, I know you had to use exactly the same features, whether measured or constructed. I also know you can't do the second set of features in DCC (nor have any clearplanes on!). I've tried a little test part, just a 1.25 dia. x 1.5 cylinder coming out of a 3" dia. x .50 thick plate and I haven't gotten it to work yet! It doesn't seem to keep the Z axis origin correct and also it "nulls" out the plane and dia. measured the second time after the equate! Time to pull some hair out! lol


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