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  • Off-line Seed - 4.1 Download

    Which 4.1 Download Do I Choose For An Off-line Seed? I See A Possibility Of 6 (4.1, 4.1beta, English, Modules, Modules Only & Specified Sets Options)
    We Have Always Used A Disk And I Want To Get This Correct The First Time. Theres To Many Other Bugs That I Don't Want To Cause More Headaches By Downloading The Wrong One To This Pc.

    B&S ADVANTAGE 12-22-10, EXCEL 9-15-9, ETC.
    PCDMIS 4.1, 3.5mr2,

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    Well the beta would be the latest and greatest and if I were going that route it would be my first choice. As I have noted before, until bannishment is lifed the man who has done more for the reputation of ver 4.1 than anyone else on this forum is residing here. He would be the person to ask.
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