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  • CAD problems

    I'm finally using CAD to do some programming. My latest program is acting odd.

    I've made an alignment that matches the CAD and done a CAD = part. After this the trihedron matches the direction and origin of the CAD. (Double checked that!)

    The problem is when I click a feature to program, the numbers look right but the CMM travels to the opposite side of the part. If I change the positives to negatives the CMM travels to the correct spot on the part. It's acting like everythings a mirror image.

    I'm using version 3.25 on a CAD file translated from CATIA to STEP.

    Any ideas??

    PS Can I safely delete the CAD file without screwing things up? There are several other people that need to run this program and I don't want to confuse them any more than necessary.


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    I'd check the original CAD file to assure the direction of the trihedron, it sounds like there is a vector reversed.

    After you've programed your part, the CAD file is just a pretty picture.
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      oK HERE'S HOW TO FIX IT!!!
      1) bring in cad bare
      2) choose a plane offline style( do not touch the part with the probe yet!) with three points. ( any planar surface, perferably a datum, perferably in Z+.)
      3) Level to that plane and set appropriate axis origin.
      4) choose a line or plane 90° to primary plane offline style.
      5) choose a point or line or circle etc. offline style.
      6) insert alignment/new using features.
      7) start program, measure features and viola!!!


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        Or, don't use CAD at all

        I program mostly without CAD models. Works fine for me. Actually easier sometimes.
        I used to be high on life but I built up a tolerance.

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          Sometime I wonder if the cad models are even worth it. I know I am new to it all but ........ The cad model is nice and pretty but everything seems to go smooth even without one.
          Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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            PC-DMIS instruction for CAD file import
            create new program (note Measurement units (mm or Inch) must be the same as CAD file)
            File Import (type of STEP and IGES are the easiest.) model.
            Click on file name
            import (note different files types have different buttons to click on)

            after import.

            Click on View Step Up button
            Click on Solid
            Apply - OK

            edit - Preferences - Set up - Part/Machine
            Part "Setup Field"
            for the following determine how part will sit on CMM.
            Cad "+X axis equals Which machine axis? axis drop down field
            Cad "+Y axis equals Which machine axis? axis drop down field
            Cad "+Z axis equals Which machine axis? axis drop down field

            Insert - Feature - Auto (for example using circles)
            Graphics window Zoom in on a Circle.
            Click on edges of circle 3 places
            (Important things to look for "Depth" probe will measure below surface
            and "Distance" the distance the probe will be from the surface.)

            Click create.

            repeat on 2 more circles.

            Insert - Alignment - New - Iterative
            Click on all 3 circles (Could use 3 Auto Surface Points)
            click on select
            click on 2 circles
            click on select
            click on 1 circle
            click on select

            click Meas All Once.
            (this will tell the machine measure all 3 features in DCC)
            Click OK

            POP UP Measure ALL inter align features now?
            Click NO

            Click OK on Alignment Utilities POP UP window.
            POP UP Measure ALL inter align features now?
            Click NO

            File - Save

            If you want you can do another alignment to flip Graphics window axis to what you are use to.

            Now run program.

            after run you can insert MODE/DCC

            Using auto Features just click on cad model
            2014 SP5, DataPage + v5.0 #331
            [testing v2015.1]


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