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  • alignment

    good morning gentlemen.
    first i'd like to thank you very much for the help.
    i still have a slight problem.

    i did my manual iterative alignment,3,2,1.
    now for the dcc part.
    i have 3 surface pads datum -a- , and two posts with a hole and slot, which are datum b and c.
    i measured datum -a- with auto vector points (6)
    i measured datum -b- as auto circle, and measured the slot in auto, constructed a cast point. all in machine z axis.
    i levelled to the 6 points, and rotated to the circle and cast point.
    i set the point target radius to .100 and fixture tol at .o5

    does this look like a way to do an iterative alinment.
    thanks winston for the file, it helped alot

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    that looks good to me, just make sure for the dcc alignment you have move points (auto-moves or programed moves) so it can go around twice without crashing.


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      Only thing I saw that you left out was sample hits for the circles. You should use a minimum of 3 sample hits for iterative alignment circles, slots, etc. because of the way it works when making the iterative alignment. Now, if you are measuring the pins, that will make it a little strange. You will have the feature set to a post, but you will need to use a negative value for the spacer so that it samples on the surface around the pin instead of on the top of the pin. The top of the pin means nothing, so don't sample there. You may have to use a negative value for the depth as well to get it to check 'UP' the shaft of the pin instead of trying to measure down inside the fixture.

      Other than that, it all looks good to me.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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        That looks correct. My personal preference, is the fix tol, I open it up more and then do a secondary tighter dcc alignment. But again, it is just a personal pref. It can reduce the chance for an error.

        Have a Great Day,


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          hey thanks guys, i guess i'm on my way to the iterative alignment.
          and i like it


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            You said you have 3 surface pads for datum -A-. Why you taking 6 vector points?. 3 will be OK.

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