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  • trihedron disappearing?

    Is there a reason that every time I save while writing a program the trihedron disappears. Even when I open up an old program and just hit save the trihedron disappears. This just started to happen this week. The only way to get it back is to close pcdmis completely and reopen it, and then it's only there until I save again. Is this an error within pcdmis?

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    Nope, I save several times while writing each program (learned my lesson the hard way) and the trihedron stays put before, during and after each save.
    I use Control+S with now problem. Other keys/ways to save might cause this but probably something else going on.
    Check your default settings
    Actively looking to be a CMM guy again
    Previously 4.3 MR2
    XP OS

    Is your problem a case of operator headspace?


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      Try to change the OpenGL settings, I usually uncheck the checkbox for doublebuffering and hit OK.
      Repeat the above but check the checkbox and hit OK. Does your trihedron show up now?
      This 'fix' works for the 'no-elements-are-displayed-in-the-graphics-window-but-the-labels-and-leader-lines-show'
      and the 'humongous-trihedron-axis' bug.

      This bug is related to the autosave function (weird, huh?) and may work by disabling the autosave altogether.
      This bug has existed since 4.2MR3 and has been filed.
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP9


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