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    Testing off-line program, inspecting part, I cancel program in middle
    (say at point 1000 or so)
    Place cursor where I want to retart (say point 1000 or so),
    hit control U to resume, get dumped.
    Open program, all measured values are lost after a certain point (point 70),
    program after that point is re-zeroed as it had been before it was run.
    In the past all measured values were retained up to point I cancel at.
    We are using V3.7 MR-2 - Windows XP.
    The only thing we changed recently, is we are now using temperature compensation
    (which I am told is required to consider this machine calibrated).
    If it happens more, I will turn temp comp off and try again.
    Is this a common problem in V3.7 MR2 ?, if not, could it be the temp comp ?

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    Try placing your cursor at the line you want to start at & go to FILE ~ PARTIAL EXUCTION ~ EXECUTE FROM CURSOR, instead of doing a "CTRL U" with the keyboard. See if this works for you, i think i have heard of this & it is just another glitch in PcDmis. FYI ~ i'm running 3.7MR2 also
    PcDmis 3.7MR4
    1 - Vento, Dual Arm
    2 - PCR's 1 W/36" Rotary Table
    1 - Dual Arm 3000
    PHS Wrists on Above Machines
    1 - Excel W/PH-10


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      I also am running 3.7 mr2 w/windows XP and I use control-U quite a bit. I
      have not had the same results as you. Mine works fine.

      I think the issue may be with you being off-line.


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        Had this happen to

        I have had simialar problems with using control U.

        Mine led back to having break points in the program. I took them out and the problem went away.


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