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  • Exporting point clouds to CAD

    I'm running 3.5 and I have taken a large number of features and points (point clouds) on a part that we are trying to reverse engineer. How do I export these points to a "CAD" file so it can be imported into Catia for further design work.

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    The easiest way is probably:


    Setup the points you want to export and what coordinate system to use then process and run.
    (follow the help file directions if you hit a problem it is explained in there what to do)

    Then import the iges file into catia.

    Just remember you can only output measured data and not constructed features.
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      How can I export a point cloud into Solidworks? Everything I try just shows a triangle, instead of the points???
      Any help is much appreciated!
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        I occasionally export data to be used to 'build' a CAD model based on the data. Experience has shown me to use individual hits, rather than AutoFeatures, especially things like AutoPlanes which are represented by a triangle because the extent of the plane is not apparent from a small triangle. AutoCircles are cool, but don't show roundness of that circle --- they very clearly show location and (average) size of the feature, though.

        Like others, I export the data as an IGES file, after making and selecting the desired alignment. I then IMPORT the IGES file into NX (rather than trying to 'OPEN' the IGES file)


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          Great info...this just what I'm looking for. Thanks. Do you know if the same methodology still applies in the latest versions of PCDMIS?...


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