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  • Cylinder Vector

    I have a hole going through the corner of a part.
    Both top and Bottom surfaces that hole goes through are not normal to hole.
    I make a cylinder and the vector always ends up normal to the surface,
    not along the center-line of the hole.
    I had to go into Catia, get the actual hole vector and update the cylinder in PC D-MIS.
    Is this a known problem? perhaps there is a setting I need to change?

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    Deajavu all over again!


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      I've had the same problem and solved it the same way you did.


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        Just wondering

        Just for my own benefit, how are you measureing the circles and how are you creating the cylinder.
        James Temmen

        There is no job so simple that it can't be done wrong.


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          Auto-cylinder using Catia V5 cad model.
          Software seems to get cylinder vector from surface, not cylinder.
          Even though holes may look normal to surface, I can not assume they are.
          I must adjust vector of every cylinder manually to match what I see in Catia.


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            Skewed Cylinders

            I did some more research on this just a little while ago. It turns out that while it does not help you in v37 (or earlier), in v4.0 there is new functionlity referred to as Single Click features. You do see a glimpse o fit in v37 (i.e. for AutoCircles) but it is not employed for cylinders there. With this, 1 click on the wall of the cylinder will determine the correct vector, even if it is skewed from the normal surface.


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