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    How can I get PCD to report an 327° angle instead of -33°?
    DeWain Hodge

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    Well, there are things to try (but you haven't given us much to go on)
    1) Try reversing one (or both) of the lines you are trying to get the angle of
    2) Check the setting for angle reporting, change it from +/-180 to 360 (F5, dimension tab)
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      In versions prior to 4.x the answer was often, you can't. What I used to do instead was put a comment in the report just before the dim : "360-327=33"

      However in the 4head versions I have used it has always been possible to get the exact angle I want into the report.
      As Matt said, make sure you are set for 360 rather than +/-180.
      Correct workplane is also necessary for 2D angles.
      Type the nominal into angle dimension window. Many times I have clicked Ok or Done in the angle window then see that it spit out 33 instead of 327, F9 to reopen, type 327 into the nominal box and then my report has 327.
      The other caveat here is that if you are trying to report the angle between a feature and an axis it might not work. A couple of times I have had to change from angle to axis to angle to feature in order to get the number I need in the report.

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        What they said.

        In addition, sometimes I construct "reverse" lines to get the right angle.
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          surprised nobody above said to use an assignment and force the dimension to be what you want....
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            Originally posted by bob mappes View Post
            surprised nobody above said to use an assignment and force the dimension to be what you want....
            Different cases :
            Angle between 2 features :

            Angle between a feature and an axis :

            Angle between 2 constructed vectors :

            You can mix these various cases, or create others !


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              I always just changed the nominal in the report for the desired angle. When you run the program the correct angle will be reported!

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