How close is Open DMIS to PCDMIS?

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  • How close is Open DMIS to PCDMIS?

    Does anyone have experiance using Open DMIS? I saw a job and applied for it but do not know Open DMIS software. If it is similar & it would be like getting a new updated version of PCDMIS it would be a snap. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    You could check their website for a quick overview.


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      My guess is that it can't possibly have as many idiosyncracies as PCDmis.
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      To me it is poorly designed by the Eng & Prod wants me to find a way to measure it in spec!


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        Check this out:
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          Its nothing like Pc-dmis, except that it is more stable and they don't change the layout of everything on every release and they don't,,,,oh never mind.
          Its a whole different mindset, it works really nothing like Pc-dmis.
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            They both end in DMIS. After that I suppose you could say they both run on a computer... beyond that there isn't much similarity.


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              Hello to all. I have not been on this forum since Aug 2009. I started working for a company that has Open DMiS and I'm there CMM programer. It is nothing like PCDMIS.
              It is line code programing and using macros. It does not have what I call a real time editor like PCDMIS. Example: in Pcdmis if you update and alignment it will ask you if you want to update nominals of related features. If you say yes it adjust all the nominals of the measured features until the next alignment. In Open DMIS it will not do this. So if you make a mistake with an alignment (which none of us do) you either start over from where you changed the alignment or spend a lot of time editing code.
              It has some really good features as well but doing alignments and doing constructions can be difficult.
              Everything you do in Open DMIS is time consuming. You have a lot of menus under menus, and it has taken me along time to figure them out. I still have not got all of them. There are choices (icons) that I have never even tried. It is a really good software but not very user friendly. You really need a strong background in advanced language programing, or there is a big learning curve. The help book is an encyclopedia is size. Also there is a book called DMIS 5.0 that you might be able to look up and see for yourself what the code looks like. I'm at home and do not have a way to attach an example.
              I have been programing with it for about 1 1/2 yrs and at time still struggle to accomplish some of the things that I could do in PCDMIS
              It is in no way anything like PCDMIS
              If you really understand macros then it will be easier for you to adjust. In my case I still do not do well with them. There is a lot of conditional statements that you can use to do pretty much anything you want. You just need to be a programer (Code) wiz

              Now you guys with a lot of Open DMIS experience. Please don't beat me up. If anything I would love to learn more from you on how to make this software work better for me. FYI I write most all of my programs offline with CAD models. Send me a message and I will get back to anyone with advice for me. Thanks
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                Thanks William for the time spent explaining that. It makes me wonder why there are so many softwares?? If it is not a user freindly software then why come out with it and if you are a shop owner why would you buy something that maybe 5% of the shops have? There is a shop close to me that has been running an ad for a programmer that knows open DMIS for several months. They maybe better off changing softwares and hire me.


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                  They probably won't change software, as it cost a lot to retrofit and change over.
                  Don't get me wrong it is good software but it is in depth.
                  The reason that they buy it is 1. Either they are 1st time buyers and did not shop around much. 2 They have a programer that used Virtual DMIS and recommended it.
                  The theory behind Open DMIS (They Claim) it is pure DMIS code. DMIS was a standard code that all CMM software manufactures were to use in writing code. Think DOS days. As windows evolved so did most of the CMM software companies.
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