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  • MaxMin Reporting in Analysis View

    Hi All,

    I've spent some time trawling through the depths of this forum to try and find answers to what is now building up in to a comprehensive list of questions! If the answers are here somewhere please forgive me for being incompetent in finding them ().

    I'll start slow with the most pressing questions:

    When producing a scan to model; reporting then creating analysis view why can i not show the MaxMin values in with the points?

    Reporting for profile consists of MaxMin, Nominal, Tolerance, OutofTolerance. At this stage the Max & Min deviations are reported
    When reporting through analysis view:
    Show; Show Point Info; Point Info Format: select only deviation; Filters: Select Hit Interval and Worst.
    There is no facility to show MaxMin deviations at this stage. Even if i go to Show Options and select Show MaxMin Deviations 2 boxes appear showing +* & -* but have no association to where these occur on the scan.

    I have tried both Graph & Textual On but not happening.

    We're using 4.3 CAD++ MR1


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    Are you showing arrows, max and min should point to them


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      Yes arrows are used. See attached Pdf.

      As you can see the Max & Min flyouts are not associated to the scanned profile.

      I have a work around to get the Max & Min values output on the profile by turning on textual reporting noting the point numbers for Max & Min. Turning off textual reporting. Manually flagging up the profile. Long winded!!

      Still doesn't get over the issue of the MaxMin flyouts not attaching themselves to the profile.
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        By the hushed silence i assume the old grey matter is at full tilt in assisting with this one? Either that or I've been left drift out to sea......Help......SOS.....Phwoar.....I like girl Friday!!


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