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    Is anyone out there using a Global Reference CMM with PC-DMIS or Quindos?
    We're thinking about buying 1 and would like to know your oppinion.

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    I am not using the Global Reference. But just something to think about.
    Quindos is a very powerful software, but if you do not have someone that already knows it there is a much greater learning curve to it compared to Pc-Dmis. A lot more people out there that know PC-Dmis also.
    Leitz 3D Scanning Head is very accurate but has some limitations as far a rotating and different orientations comared to a Renashaw PH10 with a SP600 or SP25.
    Also look a probe costs if you are thinking of a tool changer as well as annual calibration and repair costs.

    Windows 7
    Pc-Dmis 2015
    Global Performance 7-10-7


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      Yes, I agree with the last post. Quindos is VERY powerful keep in mind that PC-DMIS and Quindos are totally seperate softwares and knowing one does'nt mean you know the other. Training is a MUST.


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        We've already researched the costs associated with this machine. Calibration is 5x the normal cost; and probes are much more expensive.
        We also realize that Quindos is much more complicated, but we have someone at a sister division who can assist us.
        PC-DMIS gear will not work for some of our sprocket applications.


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          I tell you what, even with the probe issues, our PMM-C 1000 is a really sweet machine. Fast as all get out, and smooth as silk. I really love it.


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