TP-20 Calibration Issues

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  • TP-20 Calibration Issues

    I am using a PH10T with a Tp-20. I have decided to add a 100mm extension to all of my probe files. Now They wont auto calibrate correctly. When they go to touch the sphere in any angle other than A0B0, it acts as if the ball is about a 1/4 of a shpere shifted.

    Whats the deal? It will calibrate if I tell it that the sphere has moved and touch it off. Any thoughts?

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    Well that's kinda normal, it won't adjust for the new extention. So:
    1) calibrate all tips using the manual/dcc combo, with 5 hits @ 2 levels.
    2) re-cal using the DCC mode, with 25 hits 4 levels, or something like that, IDC.
    3) never tell it the location has moved unless it really has.


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      That is an indication of how far out of square the PH10 is from the machine. One degree over one inch is approximately .017". Over 100mm (+/- 4") you are out of square about 1/4", if you're using a 25mm qual sphere. This all comes down to about 3.7 degrees out of square from your machine.



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