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  • Cylinders Issue

    I have culinders in a program, they all inspect fine when viewing part on machine (actual hits all look good).
    I take four hits at two levels.
    On screen, vector of cylinder after inspection is 90 degrees out (centerline shows parallel to surface, cylinder is normal to.
    I change cylinder to check three hits at three levels.
    Cylinders check fine.
    Centerline is correct, true location within .010
    Has anyone else seen this, is this a known problem.
    PC D-MIS V3.7 MR2, Windows XP.

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    i remember being told by the instructor at the training course to always use atleast three levels when measuring a cylinder.


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      Been a problem for a LONG time. You need a minimum of 3 levels of this to keep the cylinders on the right axis.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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        Cylinders Issue

        I have a hole going through a corner of a part.
        Both top and bottom surfaces hole goes through are not normal to hole.
        I make a cylinder and the vector always ends up normal to the surface.,
        not along the centerline of the hole.
        I had to go into Catia, get the actual hole vector and update the cylinder in PC D-MIS.
        Is this a known problem? perhaps there is a setting I need to change?

        (This was supposed to be a separate post)
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          If I take hits at four levels, PC-DMIS seems to always create two cylinders. Not much experience here, so I'm probably missing something obvious.
          Just a scooter pilot


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            Thanks folks. I've been having fun with cylinders too. 3 or 4 points at 2 levels. I'll try the 3 level trick. No training here, just hard knocks.

            T. King
            sigpicHave a homebrew


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              8 is the worst number of points for cylinder

              8 is the worst number of points to use on a cylinder. If the distance between levels is close to the diameter, the algorithm can construct the vector in 6 possible directions. And I agree that 3 levels definitely works better.


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