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  • PCDLRN ??

    Well, thank goodness it is Friday.

    Having the following problem; "PCDLRN" shows up stating "out of memory".

    Once I get this to close the following shows up;

    PCDMIS Message

    "Current Dir\gmx222_frlh_hndl_tool_ball_trial.PRG: Serialization error
    Error:no error occurred

    Once this happens, I am not able to proceed. I have to shut down the system, and reopen pcdmis

    Running version 3.7mr3, on a B&S Mistral. I have not seen this come up in a long while.
    Computer is only 1/2 year old, plenty of "guts", part program with cad file is quite small.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I had the same issue earlier this year. The IT dept. increased my RAM memory and the problem seems to have gone away. At least for now. tlnzz.
    PC-DMIS V3.5 MR1. CAD++
    Global Image 574.
    Windows XP
    ASQ-CMI. - 1986
    Journeyman machinist, August 1970.


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      I had the same problem. there is a download on the Wilcox site that supposedly fixes it. http://www.wilcoxassoc.com/News/news.htm#newsitem2
      It didn't work for me and I ended up getting the beta version. You can give it a try.
      When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S. Thompson


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        WILCOX says...

        Some PC-DMIS users are encountering "out of memory" and "runtime" errors when using PC-DMIS on Windows XP with Service Pack 2. After some investigation, we have found that the default Windows XP themes are the culprit for these errors.

        Microsoft has provided a hotfix to resolve these memory allocation issues. This fix should be included in their service pack 3. (Click here for additional information on this issue.)

        We have included the hotfix on our ftp site here:

        James Mannes


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          Hello James,

          Thanks for the info. I've had our IT apply the hotfix.



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