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  • Transfer meas. data to Excel

    Hello, I am a newbie. The CMM is fresh off of the truck. My task is to program multiple part programs, link our SPC Light software, set up STI+, design fixtures, and get it all done yesterday.

    I am having trouble with getting the measured data to write to an Excel file correctly. I am using the "WRITE_BLOCK" function, but it puts all 7 results into one cell. I want them to be in individual cells across the columns. I understand how to get the program to "APPEND" the file, and write on the next row down. I just can't get it to "tab" over to the next column. Any tips?

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    Some use the script from the Wilcox site pcdmistoexcel
    you may have to join to be able to download the scripts
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      I use datapage with tracefields when I need to export data to excel.

      Windows 7
      Pc-Dmis 2015
      Global Performance 7-10-7


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        Save yourself alot of headaches and qet QCCALC RT. No programming in PCDMIS to make it work except for turning on SPC. I think it will also export to LIghtHouse.
        Links to my utilities for PCDMIS


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