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    Hey Guys and Gals hows it going? Its time to renew our anti virus program and Im wondering what most other people are using. A couple years back we were using the company bought and paid for Mcafee and it seemed to slow down everything we did with PCDMIS "2.4" I think was the version. So we changed over to Nortons, and everything worked just fine. We are running 3.7 MR2 now and Im wondering if Mcafee works ok with that version of PCDMIS. It would save me on having to buy nortons every year if I could just use the corporate version of Mcafee.

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    We use Nod32. But you have to take Norton out completely. Uninstall and go into add/remove programs and get it out. It doesnt slow down the computer hardly at all


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      Symantec AntiVirus. It isn't my job, I let IT take care of it. No problems that I know of.


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        IT has their Norton Corporate.

        I have backups.
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          We use Sophos here, it has never crashed on me, uses very little resources and has been able to deal with any virus we have come in contact with here. Its been my favorite since we started using it.


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            Norton Corporate here, runs off the main server so it doesn't slow anything down
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