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  • 2arm calibration

    why does this box randomly pop-up while i'm calibrating tips? our machine only has one arm.

    EDIT: then when the calibration ended the box wouldn't go away.
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    It pops up on me once and awhile too, V3.7 MR3, right? I only have one arm as well, and that makes it DARN hard to type, let me tell you. It is just one more in a long list of 'enhancemnts' to Pcdmis.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      when i was trying out v4 it happened in that version as well, those dang bugs are resilient, like nuclear cockroaches.


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        3.7 MR2 has this as well

        I found that if that box comes up.....it is time to SAVE...close what I am doing....and exit PCDMIS....then restart PCDMIS...if I don't, things happen on their own
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          3.7 MR2

          I too have had this happen on a few occassions. I still am unable to put my finger on exactly why it happens because it does not do it all of the time.

          I have only been able to get rid of it by closing pcdmis and restarting, as Bob stated.


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            I have a dual arm. Same thing here. I believe the flies in the room have developed magnetic feet. When they land on the controller, this happens. Shut down & restart. Almost like Windows?
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