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  • 4.1 installation error

    Hi All.......We downloaded and installed 4.1 yesterday and had this error come up when first starting PcDmis. Anyone have a clue on how to correct this error?
    We are using XP pro, Pentium 4 processor and a Dea controller. TIA
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    I don't know that this is your fix but, from your old folder of your last version, find comp.dat and copy/paste into your new 4.1 folder. Open PC-DMIS 4.1. You may also get an error after pasting this folder that downl.oad cannot be found. Copy/paste that file also and you should be good to go.

    James Mannes


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      What version did you have before?
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        We are using 3.7mr3.


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          Version four has its own settings editor, as far as some setting go anyway, unlike the previous versions.. You need to go into your setting editor for version 3.7 mr3, find out what your volcomp number is, then go into the setting editor for version 4 which is under program files\WAI\pcdmis v40\ settings editor.exe..... I think the volcomp setting is soemwhere towards the bottom, but I wont swear to that.. By the way, volcomp has to do with CMM calibration maps. They make one the first time your cmm is calibrated


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            Sounds like our error. Vento machines,... tutors controllers. I gather you installed in another folder other than your existing. It's OK, but you have to copy all the comp, .dat, and some of the .txt files from your existing folder.
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              Yep, we are using a Vento witha Dea controller. We do not have a comp.dat or downl.oad files as I beleive these are the volcomp file with a Dea controller. I know you need those two files for Sharp 32 and maybe Leitz controllers.
              We compared the volcomp settings from the old version of pcdmis to the newer version and the setting are the same. Might try a uninstall/reinstall PcDmis and see what happens. If all else fails, time for tech support.
              Appreciate everybodys suggestions.


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