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  • A fine mess (ver 4.0)

    I have been reading all of the info concerning v4.0 and now I have this dilemma.
    We recently upgraded to v4.0 from v1.269, (I'll take the hits, thanks). My request was for v3.7 mr2 or 3 'cuz of the comments found here, but management..... Here is the crux of my prob, can I translate the v1.269 to v4.0??? I am facing dealing with wilcox/BnS/hexagon applications or rewriting several hundred functioning programs............. where is the weekend??

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    Is that an old DOS version? If so, there are steps you need to take to transfer the programs over, not the least of which is to be using the FIRST version of Pcdmis for windows.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      And for what it is worth, after you get your old programs into a Windoze version of Pc-Dmis, you will most likely want to go with v4.1 instead of 4.0. 4.0 has been reported to have several problems that are fixed in 4.1. At least one person on this forum has reported that B&S tech support told them to *NOT* use 4.0! You can download v4.1 from the website. Lastly I would advise you to call B&S tech support and/or contact admin of this board for help getting your old programs converted up to whichever version you decide to run. HTH
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        V 1.269 is a windows based version. The first version of pc-dmis I used was dos based, v2.1 if I haven't gotten too senile. Actually applications in Rhode Island was able to use v3.2 to update to that ver and then to 4.0. The programs look right but tomorrow will be the trial. I am leary of using their suggested solution for the remainder of the progs. That is to get a copy of v3.2 from wilcox and do the updates myself. I can see a possibility of portlock probs. Maybe in the future....


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          I suggest keeping customer service on speed dial as you upgrade also. Those portlock programming issues have been very active here in the forum lately.
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