cant reinstall v3.5 rm2

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  • cant reinstall v3.5 rm2

    Hard disk crashed on win2k pro PC. Tried to load 3.5rm2 but it said it had to update hasp. Now it is looking for a dongle password to continue. What do we do now to reinstall PCdmis.
    Has the dongle been erased? the id is still in the dongle!.
    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is new harddrive/computer? You need to call B&S and get them to send you the .exe file to enable the lock. You will also have to make sure you have the proper hasp driver. There have been several threads on this subject in the last week or two, you might want to do some research. HTH
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      I had this happened and had to call tech support for a new password file. The version # changes or something when you reinstall.


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        Will attempt to get .exe today.



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          If it is displaying a HASP message then this is usually driver related.
          Does it continue with the installation afterwards? Or does it bomb out?


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            Do you now have XP on the machine??

            The Hinstall.exe is different.

            Your port lock shouldn't be much different if using the same version.
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              The software reads the Hasp id but looks for a password.
              I have downloaded and installed the latest driver but it made no difference.
              The new hard disk has beeen loaded with Windows 2k pro as this is what was on the machine.
              As there is no password in the Hasp the software installation stops and I can't get any further.
              I can still access some sectors of the faulty drive so will the .exe file I require (for the password) be on that drive or is it only stored in the Hasp?


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