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  • sheetmetal options in 4.0

    Is this included or do you have to purchase it separatley. In 3.7, it is an
    option to purchase and we did not get it. There are some features that we
    would like to use but do not need all of them so we did not spend the extra
    money at the time.

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    Most of the time, your options follow through versions. This is part of the deviations in SMA money. Some pay, some negotiate.
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      IS there anyone out there using 4.0 that has the sheemetal options?
      Did you have to purchase them seperate and were they worth it?
      I can see us using the slot and point features and that is about it.
      we do not have scanning capabilities.


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        I am using 4.1 Beta (a release candidate),

        Sheetmetal options(auto-features) are a part of the CAD++ package. We couldn't work as efficiently as we do without. I have had CAD++ since the days of 3.2063.

        James Mannes


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          I agree with James, I have been using cad++ since pcdmis first came to the UK, back in '97 I think, and I wouldn't like to work without the auto features. Having said that I think there are limited auto features on the cad package. We have this on our manual machine at work, I will have a look tomorrow and let you know.
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            Yes there are limited features in the cad version. It does not include auto
            slots and edge points that the sheet metal version does and that is about
            all that would benefit us at this time. We never purchased the ++ version
            because there were too many bells and whistles we didn't need so of course
            we took the cheaper version!!!


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