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  • PH10T or PH10M

    what are the differences between them. I got a quote on both from B&S to submit to manage ment and thay are going to ask what the diff is and i dont know.
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      I think the ph10m will fit up inside of the Z rail giving you a few more inches of measurment in the Z over the ph10t


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        I believe Craig is correct.

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          PH10T has a M8 threaded hole for mounting the probe
          PH10M has an autojoint mounting and more torque so it is capable of using scanning heads.



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            We have PH10MQ which is in the quill allowing more z clearance.
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              From the renishaw site:
              The PH10M and PH10MQ can carry long extension bars and complex probes such as SP600M or TP7M. The advantage of the highly repeatable autojoint is that it allows rapid probe or extension bar changing without the need for re-qualification.

              The PH10MQ is a variant of the PH10M that allows the motorised head to be attached directly to the quill with the B axis of the head inside the quill itself. This option provides a neater and shorter probe mount, with only the A axis protruding from the quill.

              The PH10T is an M8 version of the PH10M. All M8 threaded probes and extension bars fit directly onto the head. The PH10T is fully compatible with all of Renishaw's stylus and module change systems.


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                The PH10M is the "Multi-wire" auto-jointed head. Use as described above. Replaces the PH9A

                The PH10T is the basic head which replaces the PH9

                If you want the probe to fit in your quill then you need the "Q" model.

                The real question is which head are you replacing and what will you be doing with the CMM. Changing to a PH10M from a PH9 is pmore expensive that simply the delta between the probe heads. It may require rewiring your cmm with a new "mulit-wire" cable. Make sure you get the full quote and ask questions...
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