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  • Lateral Runout

    I have a runout callout on a plane at the end of cylinder Datum_A. I constructed the plane from points taken using paste with pattern. When I select the runout dimension, this plane, nor any other planes, show up. Can PC-Dmis only do radial runout? If not, how can I dimension this?
    Global Advantage 12-22-10
    TESASTAR M SP25 4.3mr2

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    Try Total (or Axial) Runout = 2 arrows. Runout (1 arrow) is applied to radial features.
    I believe it also must reference a datum.


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      What previous poster said.
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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        I don’t know why PCDMIS doesn’t support circular and total runout of a plane. Perpendicularly calculation is exactly the same as runout.

        In the case circular runout of a plane to a cylinder datum axis, I would report perpendicularity twice one for outer most circular plane (using cylinder axis as center) and one for inner most, you can do more in between if you wish, but two is good enough for me.

        For total run out, I would do the same as above except I construct one plane and report it only one time.

        In the case where the drawing defined a circular band runout of a surface then you do just that.



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