Upgrade from TP2 to TP20?

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  • Upgrade from TP2 to TP20?

    Hello, goodmorning!

    I have a question concerning the Renishaw TP20.
    What is the general experince with the TP20 in relation to teh old TP2. Easier to use more possibilities, cheaper....
    Can I have some advice please because one of our TP2 is broken so we are thinking of repair or upgrade. There is now a offer from Renishaw to upgrade, so..?


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    The upgrade was cheap
    I traded one TP2 in and got 3 TP 20's, standard , med, & heavy force
    I think it was around 1200.00
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      I made that move on our manual machine and also have it on the dcc. They are nice to have when you want to switch tips you just do it no recalibration between tips. (they all have to be done once) I thought it was worth the money
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        There is a thread on this w/ a lot of info already. Try a search, it's not to far back
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          The only advantage a tp2 has over a tp20 is the tension screw. If you, like me occassionaly have to have a monster tip @ A90B0, (like the 2x90 I am using at the moment), you may need to be able to tighten up the tension. This is a dangerous practice and I would not do it if there were any other way that I knew of.
          I have 3 probes, the tp2, tp20 & rack, and tp200 & rack. The 20 & 200 are nice as mentioned because they cut down on calibrations. To realize the fullest bennefit of the tp20 you would want to have as many modules as you have common tips.
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            I to keep one tp2 stuck back just in case. But for the most part I use the tp20 for everything. There are a couple of things you do need to remember about the tp20. One - its rack works on magnetic force field. What this means is there is a powerful magnet that turns the tip off when it approaches the rack so that it can change tips with out taking hits. Why this is important is because if you are using it around a magnet in even day use it might get to close to the magnet and trun it off with out you knowing it. If you are going to use a magnet around it and don't have a rack then buy a tp20 that is noninhibited. You can't use them with a rack, but they work well around magnets.
            Two- you need to remember the rules about tip lenght. There are 3 basic types of tp20 modules. Standard force, medium fource and extended force. The standard force is for styli that are 10mm, no shorter and no longer. The medium force is for tips 25mm and the extended are for tips 50mm.
            With the tp2 you were suppose to readjust the tip back to 7.5grams every time you change the length. Well by keeping the tips at the length described for the tp20 this sets it back to the nominal gram pressure.
            If you go over that you could get false triggers, which in most cases you can catch and everything is ok. But if you go under that length you WILL get bad data, because it takes to much force to trigger the tp.


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              The TP20 Modules work with a range of stylus lengths. Example: Standard force, 10 to 50 MM depending on the shaft material. (steel, carbide or graphite. Med Force, any stylus up to 60 MM long. See Renishaw's TP20 system, installation and user's guide.



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